Abil Office Solutions Refurbishment Workflow

Phase 1 Cad Car Part Wall Plan

During our refurbishment for the 4th floor, we had the opportunity to work together with our business partners to create a car parts wall upon our client’s design brief. With the design brief we were able to put together a plan which was proposed to our client.

Phase 2 3D Modeling

Our 3D Design Team at ABIL, were quick to act upon receiving the plan and were able to start by 3D modelling the wall which was based on the 2D car part wall plan.

Phase 3 Applying Textures & Materials

Upon finishing 3D modelling phase, the team started focusing on creating materials & applying textures to the models in preparation for the visual renders.

Phase 4 Finalising materials & applying lighting

We then finalised all materials and started experimented with lighting to bring out the final look of all the textures & materials the team had worked on.

Phase 5 Final Render

Our design team were able to create some polished final renders, which were then presented to our client to visualize what the project could look like before starting the refurbishment.

Phase 6 Car Parts Mounted

Upon receiving a approval to go ahead with the refurbishment, our team were quick to create unique partition in order to mount & install the car parts that were made by our business partners.

Phase 7 Lighting

Here’s an example how the car part wall would look like when the powered LED lights were setup. We were able to setup a control for it where the client can choose any colour to their preference.